Press Release

2018OMF Press Release No.11
→Concert for Children Special Version with Marcus Roberts Trio!
→2018OMF Parade & Joint Performance Conductor Announcement
→Chamber Concert I Nobuko Imai and Sadao Harada join the String Orchestra!

2018OMF Press Release No.10
Saito Kinen Orchestra Member List Announced!

2018OMF Press Release No.9
Chamber Concert I Additional Member Announcement

2018OMF Press Release No.8
Chamber Concert I Program & Artists Announcement

2018OMF Press Release No.7
OMF pre-event at Agatano Mori on July 7 !

2018OMF Press Release No.6
OMF Special Event at Ginza NAGANO on July 8 !

2018OMF Press Release No.5
Orchestra Concert Program C "OMF Gig" Program Announcement
Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Brass Ensemble performs at Randonnée Picnic 2018 in Matsumoto!

2018OMF Press Release No.4
Change of Conductor and Orchestra Programs Announcement

2018OMF Press Release No.3
Applications for 2018OMF Press Pass are now open!

2018OMF Press Release No.2
OMF Opera and Chamber Concerts Progarm Details

2018OMF Press Release No.1
2018 Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival - the Line-up Announcement




2018OMF Press Pass

Press Pass Application

Thank you for your interest in covering 2018 Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival. For the 2018 edition, we are inviting press and other media related professionals to apply for the Press Pass by completing the application form online, using the link below. All the members of the press and media are kindly asked to obtain the press pass in advance to cover the festival events.

Applications are assessed according to your professional track record. You are kindly advised to submit your previous festival coverage samples at If you are new to the OMF, please provide your recent articles published or produced by you during the past year.

Please note that any written or produced coverage of OMF events needs to be submitted to the festival office during and / or after the festival. The festival office appreciates your cooperation to send us your coverage when published.

Confirmation of your application and delivery of your OMF Press Pass

Upon assessment of your online application, your press pass along with press guideline, press schedule and press kit will be posted to your registered address.
Registration will close on May 20, 2018.

Notes on competing the application form

* Your application details will be verified by your email address. Only personal email address will be recognized. Please note that administration email address (e.g. info@) will not be accepted.

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