OMF Photo Exhibition at Matsumoto PARCO!


Entrance free OMF Photo Exhibition is taking place at Matsumoto PARCO 3F! You can see OMF various merchandise as well as over 30 photos from 2017OMF.
The exhibition is open until Aug. 27 (Mon). Please drop by when you are in town!

Concert for Children Special Version with Marcus Roberts Trio!


"Children respond when they experienced good music". Under this belief, OMF Director Seiji Ozawa has been inviting local children to Orchestra Concerts and Opera productions for free from the beginning of the festival. Already 330,000 children in Nagano prefecture had experienced the real good music performed by the top artists.
Along with "Concert for Children" and "Opera for Children", we are exited to announce that we will have a "Concert for Children Special Version" with Marcus Roberts Trio! The children who will attend this program are children who go to special schools (ex: schools for the visually impaired children, schools for hearing impaired children, and schools for handicapped children) in Nagano prefecture. In total nearly 200 children gather at Open Studio in Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre, and feel the trio's live performance.
Roberts himself had lost his sight when he was 5 years old in Florida. Until 12 years old, he taught himself a piano until 12 years old, when he started taking professional lessons. We are looking forward what kind of magic would happen on this special program.

Concert for Children Special Version

Date: Aug. 31 (Fri) 11:00 -
Duration: About 50 min  
Venue: Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre Open Studio (3-10-1, Fukashi, Matsumoto)
Marcus Roberts Trio
Program: Performance by Marcus Roberts Trio
Theme songs from Disney movies and more

※This program is intended for educational purposes only. No entry to general public.

Harmony at the Castle and Welcome Street Live Tomorrow!


【Harmony at the Castle and Welcome Street Live Tomorrow!】
Two of 2018OMF Open Events, Welcome Concert: Harmony at the Castle and Welcome Street Live #1 will take place tomorrow at Matsumoto city! (Both entrance free)
The SK Matsumoto Chorus and SK Matsumoto Junior Chorus perform to welcome the festival in the front yard of Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure of Japan.
At the Welcome Street Live you can enjoy jazz orchestra, piano solo and wood pipe ensemble performances at the Matsumoto Station Plaza. Please come and join us!

Welcome Concert: Harmony at the Castle
Aug. 11 (Sat) 10:30-12:00 Former site of Matsumoto Castle Ninomaru Palace (rainout)

Welcome Street Live #1
Aug. 11 (Sat) 16:00-18:00 Matsumoto Station Plaza


2018OMF Parade & Joint Performance Conductor Announcement

_0KU5147_(C)大窪道治_small_trimmed.jpgEvery year since it’s beginning in 1992, the Nagano prefecture residents welcome the festival and its guests with a colorful parade going through historic downtown Matsumoto, which ends in a joint concert with festival conductor in the Honmaru Garden, a National treasure of Matsumoto Castle.
We would like to announce that this year's joint performance will be conducted by skilled trumpet player and a great tutor of OMF Chamber Music Study Group -Brass Ensemble-, Timothy Morrison. He has been teaching at the Study Group since 2010 and this will be his first time to conduct the Joint Concert. This year 10 members from OMF Chamber Music Study Group -Brass Emsemble- will join the performance at the Matsumoto Castle as well. In total 55 groups (About 2688 people) will perform "Shinano no Kuni" and more.

2018OMF Parade and Joint Performance - Outline

【Date】        August 19 (Sun)
Group ParticipationTotal 55 groups (around 2,688 pers.)
Street Performance9:10~ Matsumoto Station Plaza etc.
Parade 9:30~ In front of M WING~Matsumoto Catle Park
Joint Performance11:00~ Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden National Treasure
Program The Stars and Stripes Forever, Anthem of Nagano Prefecture ”Shinano No Kuni”
Conductor Timothy Morrison
※For details on traffic regulations, please check here.


Chamber Concert I Nobuko Imai and Sadao Harada join the String Orchestra!


Chamber Concert I is dedicated to Mr. Robert Mann who has passed away this January. He had visited Matsumoto over 13 times, and during his visit he gave us wonderful performances and also taught the true essence of music to numbers of young artists.
Today we are happy to announce 2 more additional members who will perform at the Chamber Concert I on Aug. 19 (Sun). The world famous Nobuko Imai and Sadao Harada, who are both taught by Mann and had performed many times with him at the festival will join the concert. Mann had been invited to come to Japan by Hideo Saito in 1961 to teach Master Class at Toho Gakuen School of Music. Imai and Harada were taught by Mann himself and Harada later formed Tokyo String Quartet.
20 members from Seiji Ozawa International Academy Switzerland, 11 members from Saito Kinen Orchestra, Imai and Harada they all perform Beethoven: String Quartet No.16 in F Major, Op. 135, third movement (String Orchestra), the piece which OMF Director Seiji Ozawa had conducted for the first time in 9 months at Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga last month. Tickets are available at tickets agencies and at The Harmony Hall.

Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto (2003) Chamber Concert I
Robert Mann, Miwako Watanabe, Nobuko Imai, Sadao Harada
Beethoven: String Quartet No.16 in F Major, Op. 135